A wide variety of OKAYAMA FRUIT

OKAYAMA has more than peaches and grapes. They are producers of many other high quality fruits as well. We owe it to the gifted environment and the honest personality of the people of Okayama.
Here, we would like to introduce just a few of the wide variety of fruits produced in Okayama. Find out more about the magnificent fruits of Okayama!


Japanese, Western and Chinese pears

Delicious peach of Okayama, Japan

【Atago Pear】
It is the size of a baby’s head. The fruit is bursting with juice.
The Japanese pear is a popular classy gift because the receiver is ought to be a bit surprised with the size.
Since it is really large, one fruit is enough for one family to enjoy.

Atago pears are in season from mid-November till late December.
Delicious peach of Okayama, Japan

A large Japanese pear that is very sweet.

It is stored for one month after harvest for extra crispy texture, elegant fragrance and rich flavor.
One fruit weighs about 500 to 1,000g, so they are very popular to send as gifts.

They are in season from early September till late November.

【Sliver bell】
Silver bells made in Okayama are very sweet and sour and have a rich taste.They need extra ripening, so it is best to eat them after they have been left in room temperature for a few days and they become slightly soft.The texture is soft as if it melts in your mouth and has plenty of juice. It’s becoming more and more popular.This is a rather large type of pear.
Silver bell are in season from early December till early January.

【Passe Crassane】
It looks rugged and rusty, but the fruit inside has a very creamy texture, plenty of juice and an elegant fragrance.
Passe Crassane is said to be a ‘hidden delicacy among the people who really know’.
Okayama produces 90% of the market share in Japan.

Passe Crassane are in season from early December till late January.

【Yarie (Chinese pear)】
This Chinese pear with elegant flavor has a unique flavor so it is sometimes referred to as the “fragrant pear”.
It is not a round shape like Japanese pears.
This pear is filled with refreshing juice and is also a popular gift.
Okayama has the largest market share of Yarie.

Yarie are in season from mid-November till late December.

Other fruits


Lisbon lemons that are produced in Ushimado (Setouchi City) which is called the ‘Aegean Sea of Japan’ are becoming popular these days because you can use the whole lemon, including the skin.Thanks to the warm climate facing the Seto Inland Sea, “Okayama” is fit for cultivating high quality citrus fruits (which are unsuitable for eating fresh) such as citron, sudachi, kabossu, etc.

Lemons are in season from mid-October till mid-January.

Strawberries are produced all over Japan, and Okayama is one of the high quality producers.
Okayama produces “Beni-hoppe”, “Akihime”, “Sagahonoka”, and “Sachinoka”. They are known to be varieties that are large and sweet.Major production areas are Saidaiji and Kumenan.

Strawberries are in season from early December till late May.

【Atago-gaki (persimmon) / Saijyo-gaki】
Sour persimmons are called Saijyo-gaki and after the sourness is removed, it is sold in markets by the name of Atago-gaki.It is a popular winter fruit with a melty texture and rich flavor.The beautiful appearance and vivid dark orange color of the fruit attracts people’s attention.

Persimmons are in season from early October till late November.(Atago-gaki are sold until the end of December.)
“The Fruit Kingdom”, Okayama produces other tasty fruits as well; figs, melons, plums, Unshu mikans, etc. Okayama is filled with fruits!Please, come and taste for yourself, the “delicious fruits” of Okayama! You’ll definitely get to experience the taste that you will never forget!

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